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Talia grant autism.png

Image description: A photograph of Talia Grant smiling. There is text on the image. It reads, 'Talia Grant, Actress living with autism. Autistic girls are under represented'.



Talia Grant, Hollyoaks’ star has Autism and will be playing the role of an Autistic Woman. For a long time, there has been no representation on screen of autistic women, especially autistic women of color so it's great to see her on TV to show more diversity!

Additionally, as Autism is a Spectrum condition, individuals represent different behaviors - so Talia gets an opportunity to show different traits of Autism in her acting while managing anxiety and other aspects of her own diagnosis.

Autism (some other names include "classic" autism, Asperger's syndrome, ASD, and PDD/NOS) is more commonly diagnosed in boys and men, but it's increasingly believed that autistic girls and women may be better at masking their difficulties, leading to their autism being missed.

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