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Black Girl Fest logo

Image description: A colorful illustration showing lots of different black girls and women for 'Black girl fest.' 


“ Thank you for attending the third annual Black Girl Festival 2018. This year, we saw 3000 Black women and girls take up space in the Business Design Centre.

We couldn’t have done it without you and your support so we’d like to take a moment to say thank you for being part of the BGF journey."


Adventist Possibility Ministry.png

Image description: The logo for 'Adventist Possibility Ministries' of a blue church with puzzle pieces inside.


“Servant Based Leadership, Stewardship …thank you Subrena for teaching us the power of leadership through service of others “


“Hearing the story of others has supported us to make changes “



Image description: A photograph of PIP paperwork and a mug on top of a table.


“Subrena has been very understanding and supportive throughout the PIP tribunal appeal process. 

She's been extremely communicative and thorough throughout, and I'm so happy to say we won! 

Thank you Subrena for your expertise and experience."



Image description: A red logo of a heart with 'Unsickle my cells UK' written above.


“ STUBs was the perfect platform to support and facilitate an online conversation that would prompt and engage the community.

The impact of the sessions was very positive."



Image description: A photograph of PIP paperwork and a mug on top of a table.


"Working with STUBS has been seamless and professional. Dealing with anxiety, it’s easy
to become very stressed when appealing but the STUBs service was reassuring and offered great support before and during the appeal and filled in when I forgot things.


My appeal was for the duration as they originally awarded me only 2 years. I ended up winning my appeal and the judge stated “it is inappropriate to fix a term”.


Couldn’t have heard better news.

Thank you, STUBs."


Florence Clarke and Subrena

Image description: A photograph of Florence Clarke on the left, smiling with Subrena on the right.

“ Subrena is an experienced social work practice educator. Her leadership style is informed by heuristics, person-centered approach, and strength-based practice."


Subrena’s Social work students describe Subrena as a "Brilliant Practice Educator" who "helped me capitalize on my strengths" and "lucky and grateful to have had her as a mentor."

Subrena and other panelists

Image description: A collaged photograph of Subrena with other panelists at an event.

"Subrena...thank you for being a part of the panelist yesterday. You were a real asset and I truly believe your experiences and knowledge were inspiring for those in attendance.

"Use your disability to your advantage."

- Love it!"

Star Children Initiative logo

Image description: A logo of a woman holding a small baby with colorful stars and writing on the left. The writing reads 'Star Children Initiative'. 

​I have known Ms. Subrena Joseph for six years, she is a compassionate disability advocate, a passionate, purpose-driven, self-motivated, and result-oriented natural leader with an exceptional relational disposition to achieve synergy and teamwork.


She has spoken at many of our conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. She has attended some of our seminars at the House of Lords as a speaker and a panelist twice. She is very articulate and she has excellent communication skills both verbal and written.


Her objective in life is to be a difference maker in any community by pursuing excellence through adding value to the people, especially persons with disabilities, she does this by exploring opportunities from challenges through creativity and adaptability to provide direction. She is also a wonderful lady who pays attention to detail.


In conclusion, she knows her stuff and she is so passionate about promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality.“

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