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Subrena Joseph, CEO & Founder of STUBs.

Subrena Joseph is a thought-provoking professional speaker and recognized leadership expert. CEO for STUBS DISABILITY SERVICE, social worker, practice educator, disability life coach, mentor, and advocate. She specializeses in four key leadership strategies; personal, situational, servant, and transformational-based leadership – all of which aid individuals in making tangible change.


Subrena’s academic accolades include BA (hon) Social Work (2007), NLP Diploma (2011), MA in Child Centred Inter-professional practice (2014), Certificate Life Coaching (2016) and PgCert Practice Education (2017).

Subrena is also the author of the book entitled  ‘ TO WALK AROUND IT, TO MOVE IT OR TO LOVE IT’ an autobiographical account of her life thus far. Demonstrating her lived application of personal and transformational leadership to navigate life’s challenges and barriers.


Subrena has 20yrs plus experience working within the Health and Social Care sector. Has held several roles which include Youth Worker, Disability Hate Crime Advocate, Social Work Manager, Deputy Consultant Social Worker ‘Frontline Programme and Consultant of the ‘ Think Ahead’ program.


Subrena has earned a reputation as a strength-based practitioner, colleagues, clients, trust her unparalleled leadership and lived experiences, and teaches individuals, companies, and organizations the power of 'personal leadership', allowing you to be comfortable to express yourself 'Mastering yourself' and change yourself in order to influence change in others.

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